Couture: Chanel vs. Dior

there has been a lot of talk about chanel and dior haute couture spring collections these past days... i don't do posts like this very often but since we started an interesting debate on my fb profile i thought i'd gave it a try.
it all started when i scrolled through chanels collection. i don't know if i was shocked to my bones or just very disappointed. where did all this kitsch come from, karl? coco would be mortified if she saw this! ok, some looks are alright but half of the collection is just tasteless and doesn't embody the chanel philosophy at all. has he forgotten? coco was all about simplicity, clean looks, no unnecessary embellishments and tacky flowers. yes, tacky flowers! bljak! first thing that really disturbed my eye was the hair. it's awful! it looks like edward scissorhands and what's with the peacock? i don't get it at all. the only thing i like about the styling are the lace boots but still i find them somewhat awkward. the opened toes are maybe a bit too much.
after i posted my frustration on fb a friend brought dior to the table so i checked it up. i know raf will never be galliano, he has a totally different point of view, but the collection seems so much prettier than chanel. when i think couture i always think red carpet. how many chanel looks do you see on the red carpet? and dior? i think we have a clear winner. ok, some things i also didn't like at dior such as weird color combinations, misfits and beadings. but the worst dior pieces are still beautiful compared to worst chanel.
as for the themes of both collections i think they were unimaginative. chanel used to be so big on themes but this one is just blah. also the presentation is terrible. if you compare it to dior, the latter is so chic. models simply have that elegant presence that chanel lacks. we all miss galliano's theatrical shows but dior still wins it for me. i think karl should really consider taking a brake. don't get me wrong, i love the guy but he seriously needs to edit his collections. i rather see 20 awesome looks than 70 of which half of them is uglier than the ugliest 80's prom dress. don't you agree?

chanel on a good day...

sorry karl, not in a million years!

more luck next time raf!


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