Haute Couture as an Art Form

for me there are different kinds of couture. there are the princess dresses made for red carpets, there are those clothes that aren't really that distinguishing from ready to wear and there is couture that's art. iris van herpen definitely fits the last category. her collections are always innovative design and technology vise, very architectural, imaginative and she's famous for her 3d prints. latest collection presented at paris haute couture fashion week is inspired by high voltage. she collaborated with artists, architects and researchers to develop clothes that portray movement, power and the reaction of chemistry and electricity to body. the result are wearable structures that are exceptional in their form - i see them as living organisms totally out of this world. the materials themselves are a revolution. runway photos are doing them no favors, it's only when you look up close that you see all the 3d prints and details. simply breathtaking!

photos: nowfashion and iris van herpen

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