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warning: another one of the fashion non related posts... since i got all this free time i spend quite a lot of it in front of tv. correction - in front of my computer screen. some of the series i watch religiously some just to pass time. check out what's on my watch list and maybe you'll find your new favorite show. spoiler alert!

Hank Moody has to be my ultimate role model and my inspiration when it comes to writing.

this is how Carrie and the SATC gang was in their 20's: jobless, frustrated and with a boyfriend that's a total freak.

sitcom about the problems every modern family faces. Luke has to be my favorite character, the little kid is just genius.

the level of sarcasm and cynicism is brilliant!

1920's and prohibition - if i could go back in time, this would be the era to go to. the costumography itself is amazing!

omg Jess is annoying! but funny as hell!

this you just have to see for yourself... so stupid it's actually funny! makes me want to have an alien living on the attic.

any show that promotes alcohol is approved by me. plus Courtney Cox is awesome!

The Big Bang Theory
geeks are cool! Sheldon is hilarious! bazzzinga!

i'm watching glee for these reasons only: NYC, Kate Hudson and Dean Geyer.

Hart of Dixi
i'm losing interest in this show. the only reason why i'm still watching is Zoe and Wade being together which should provide with some hot scenes. well.. not rly. it's obvious this show is made by a woman...

season 11 of Project Runway aired this week and they started with a twist. make it work!

How I met your mother
by my common use of the word "awesome" you should already know my feelings towards this show.

The Vampire Diaries
i thought now that Elena is a vampire and in love with Damon the show will get  hot and heavy but instead it's only talk about emotions, no action. i'm getting bored!

The Carrie Diaries
Carrie Bradshaw as a teenager. after the first two episodes i still have to decide if i like it or not.

Breaking Bad
loyal husband/teacher turned meth cook/gangster - action assured!

Mad Men
any show that allows affairs and drinking in the office is fine by me.

who can resist a serial killer?

Game of Thrones
i want zombies! started watching because i thought there'll be zombies... anyway, photography and costumes are fucking amazing.

housewife turned drug dealer nympho. a must for all weed lovers.

True Blood 
Alexander Skarsgard, that's all i got to say.

that's pretty much all... you have anything to add to the list? i also watch way too many movies if you need any suggestions :)

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