Stradivarius Fall12 Lookbook

one of the missions of this blog is not only to write about hi end fashion but also accessible brands that produce global trends for less money. brands like h&m, bershka, zara, stradivarius, new yorker and others.
i used to be a big fan of stradivarius. i always thought it was like a younger sister of the zara woman line. elegant but not uptight, playful but not childish. casual and chic at the same time. i wasn't paying attention to the brand for quite some time so naturally i was curious what they had in store for the season. must say i was expecting a bit more... there are a lot of knits, i love the parka jacket on the first pic and the camo one, the peplum skirt is ok but all in all there's nothing new, non of the pieces really stands out. i'm surprised i'm saying this but for me it lacks color and detail. how do you like it?

photo: stradivarius

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