Finding a Perfect Evening Dress

what a horror! i need an elegant evening gown for my ship job. i'm not the elegant glamorous kinda girl, i mean i wore jeans for my prom goddamn! so can you imagine how horrifying finding a dress that i would actually like and love to wear is? and on top of that it has to be somewhat comfortable because i'll have to work in it. yea, that's right. i'll have to wear it while taking photos of guests at gala dinners and events. oh, what a joy! well... asos to the rescue! again. they should seriously start paying me for all the advertising i do for them. or at least give me a lifetime discount. anyway... i was looking for something simple and of course black. it has to be pretty conservative, not to revealing and easy to accessorise. this was my selection and the    most simple of them all is my choice. it will need some alterations but i'm quite pleased with it. horror survived!

photos: asos

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