Giveaway: EQUA bottle

i'm the kind of person that doesn't leave the house without a bottle of water. it's with me wherever i go. i also get very attached to my bottles and i use the same one until it's barely useful anymore. right now i have a plastic bottle that i bought on the way back home from paris somewhere in austria. it's with me by the side of my bed, always on reach.
saying this i was very surprised when i received an email from EQUA, saying they're giving me a bottle of my choice from their new cmyk collection. it couldn't be a better gift! i know there are many of you out there who think like me, like to use the same bottle over and over again and in that way contribute something to the environment. that's why we decided to cheer someone with an equa bottle of their choice.
there are a few facts you need to know about equa bottles to understand how special they are: they're made out of materials that you can recycle, with colorful designs and 10% of their profit goes to environmental charities. i don't need to emphasis that using a glass bottle is way more ecological than using plastic bottles.
the cmyk collection (cyan, magenta, yellow, key) is made out of borosilicate glass and designed to fit your hand perfectly. they're colorful, recyclable and protected with silicone strips. in my opinion they're adorale! you can also buy them as a gift in minimalistic and elegant packaging. shop for equa here...

so here's what you have to do to win an equa bottle of your choice:
* like the stylist on facebook
* share the equa cmyk collection photo
* choose the bottle on their website
* and comment about your choice under the photo

giveaway is opened worldwide and will close on 27th december at midnight cet.

good luck to you all!

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