i had no idea i'd have so much work during fashion week. as much as it's fun it's also busy and exhausting. after all day running from show to show, waiting in lines and wearing uncomfortable shoes there's still much to do when i get back home... shows already end pretty late every day and then it's all about writing reports. i'm not a morning person so staying up working till middle of the night is the perfect working situation for me. ah.. peace and quiet!
i'm the official reporter from paris fashion week for london based xo magazine. i'm not gonna write detailed reports from all the shows here on the blog, so make sure you click to their website and read them there.
i'm also very proud to be the columnist for a newly launched slovenian fashion website VOOM, where i share my experience from here in paris.
there are some other projects on the way which are not finalized, so let's not jinx them!

follow xo magazine, twitter and instagram for updates from paris fashion week...

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