PFW: Peachoo Krejberg

i didn't know what to expect when i attended peachoo krejberg show so i was pretty pissed when they made us all wait in the pouring rain for half an hour. i forgot about the water in my shoes the second the first look walked out. it was perfect! it was so me! black and white lace, silky draped dresses with prints that reminded me of my beloved slovenian designer kristina lovko, leather owen's like jackets and awesome rib belts. so badass! they were the kind of clothes i see the cool girls wearing, you know models like freja and anja. my heart almost stopped when i spotted my favourite slovenian model prisha (sorry valeria!) modeling one of the looks. i finally had the chance to meet her. on the last slovenian fashion week she was the one model that stood out and even now i tought she was one of the really fierce ones!

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