PFW Day 1: Fatima Lopes & Steffie Christiaens

there's so much excitement about paris fashion week this season, everyone is anticipating what fashion biggest names have come up with for spring and summer 2013. personally i just love all the madness, running into models on the street, celebs in front of the shows and most importantly witnessing what designers have envisioned. there's a special feeling being there... guests, music, models and clothes create an atmosphere you can't ever get just by looking at the pictures or watching the live stream.
my first show was portuguese designer fatima lopes, who took us to tropical paradise with sexy dresses and amazing golden accessories. i feel in love with embellished shoes, bracelets, clutches and necklaces with blooming lilies. so editorial, i would love to shoot that! the dresses were also gorgeous, they reminded me of manga heroes a bit.
i had to skip a few shows yesterday for a photoshoot i had with swiss photographer ellin anderegg. it went great and i'll show you behind the scene photos soon... after the shoot i was just in time to attend the steffie christiaens show. i was really looking forward to it. with a big delay everyone was impatient for the show to start... and it was so worth the wait. she showed amazing design, fusion between soft and hard, a bit futuristic but romantic at the same time. i was again impressed with the accessories. models had moon shaped necklaces, bracelet cuffs and earrings with long long chains. looooved it!

photos: bubu ogisi and la babouche

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