Assistant Diaries Day 7

i guess u figured out me not posting means i had too much work... and too much work can only mean one thing - exhaustion! well it wasn't all that bad...
i meet my boss on thursday for an early coffee before our first appointment on was later known as "the showroom day". since there was little time to prepare for the shoot it's better to visit showrooms and pull clothes yourself. also it' s good to keep relations and visit your contacts from time to time. i was yet to meet everyone... anyway the first showroom was for multiple brands and walking trough the closet was a bit overwhelming. it's probably something like you imagine a closet at vogue... yeah... vogue! only here, you can take stuff with you. heaven, i tell u! i had no time to drool over gareth pugh, one of my assignments for the day was to call everyone and confirm our shopping request. so basically while "the stylist" was shopping i was making calls, reading and replying to emails and helping her all at once. walking down the street, both with our iphones in the hand and our attention to their screens was so funny. i felt like a real voguette!
we stopped only for a quick bite (i had some awesome japanese tofu) and a starbucks coffee, otherwise we were running up and down paris the whole day. and it was perfect for just that! delivery was set to 3pm, so we had to head to the office. assistant n°2 was already waiting for us. he was new so i quickly explained how the delivery works and it was time for me to run again. i had to pull some jewelry and clothes from two other showrooms. and that is not an easy task. it's hard couse everyone has their own taste and you're always questioning yourself if you picked right. i did my best... while runing around like crazy i actualy took a quick second when on bvd saint germain to take in the moment. everything seemed perfect (except the fact i had to pee rly rly badly and i was seriously dehydrated, haha).
by the time i got back to the office the other assistant took care of all the delivery and already packed the suitcase for today's shoot. i got all the updates and the work day was over... picnic time!!

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