Assistant Diaries Day 8 - The Photoshoot

alarm clock was set to 6:15, i shoozed for 15 min.... it was so hard to get up, i felt like i slept for 2 hours. i knew it would be a tough day. oh boy did i had it coming!
it started in the cab, i should have given directions to the driver, but i was still half asleep with no clue of where we are going. bad bad assistant! we were the first ones to arrive at the studio so we set up the wardrobe and started steaming. since we had very little time for our shopping, we had to make a few emergency requests and get clothes delivered on set asap. this was a task for assistant n°2 since he speaks french and it's much easier for him to do it. we were all happy when clothes started coming in. n°2 made some pickups while i was assisting on set, wishing i was the one sent outside since work in the studio was kinda slow. when he came back he told me he saw alaia in his studio... damn!
the unfortunate mistakes kept following me trough the whole day. i was misplacing things, my reflexes were almost non existing, i didn't understand 50% of what ppl were saying and my concentration was.. well i had none. it was bad! i felt so useless. at one point when i was being yelled at i was literally on the verge of tears. i should have been on top of my game, i've been on countless photoshoots and i know what and when the stylist needs, but i was so physicaly exhausted it just went from bad to worse. i was being trusted with all the wardrobe and ended up mixing everything up, forgetting things and losing pieces. there's nothing worse than that. on top of everything i had no energy to be more involved with the client, making her comfortable on set. i was so disappointed with myself!
it was one of the longest days ever and i was only wishing for it to come to an end as soon as possible. if it wasn't for the super amazing client i would probably quit then and there... on the way back to the office my boss reminded me why i loved styling so much and how easy it was to do it in slovenia. i always felt so confident in what i was doing, having fun with the team and making it even more fun for the model. why is it so difficult now? for sure it's true that it's harder to be an assistant than the stylist. n°2 agrees.

...oh and the screw ups continued even after the photoshoot!

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