Assistants Diaries Continues

just minutes after my yesterday's post i got a text from yoko, asking me is a have time this week for a possible shoot. i was thrilled. nothing was certain yet but anyways... i felt like things are finally looking up after a really depressive day. i got up a bit earlier today (10:30 is early enough for me) and an hour later i got conformation of the shoot, so i packed my computer and stumbled to the office. it was so nice to see yoko again!
we got to work right away, since we only have a day and a half to gather all the clothes and accessories for the shoot. usually it takes a few days to do that, but with a lot of multitaskin it can be done. today was all about sending emails and making phone calls. i tell u, it's a special feeling when you are at a really important meeting sipping your cappucchino and suddenly you get a call from prada. no biggie, they call all the time. we are practically buddies, hehe...
when i finally got the news who we are shooting i got totally starstruck! on my last assistant job i was thinking about how amazing it would be to work with this awesome actress and somehow my wish came true. i can't wait to meet her, she is supposed to be one of the coolest celebs in france. i love her! i'm not gonna reveal her just yet, making you a bit anxious haha!

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