Assistant Diaries Day3

auuuufff... it was so hard to get up in the morning. i could easily slept for another 3 or 4 hours, but a lot of work had to be done and it's not gonna do it by itself so... my assignment for the day was basically to be a post office. well in a way... most of the items from tuesday's photoshoot had to be returned and new packages were coming in for today's shoot. it sounds pretty easy but it's a lot of work. specialy if you don't know all the brands and you have to organise 3 different kind of pick ups: one by courrier service for the packages going abroad, one for pick ups by the magazine we were shooting for and all others for pick ups organised by brands themselves. there were courriers coming in and out of the office every few minutes, it was so hard to keep up. luckily everything went smoothly. my boss was visiting showrooms all day so i was alone in the office. felt kinda nice untill i got really hungry and i couldn't leave the office since i was waiting for the packages. finally she came around 5, right when the last packages were picked and i had a few minutes to stuff myself with junk food. i still regret that!
after we closed our "post office" it was selection time. i forgot to take a picture of how much stuff we get in for a single photoshoot so you could get a better idea of what i'm talking here, but it's a lot! and we're still getting some to the location. it's insane! even when we edit the selection it's still 2 huge suitcases and one large shoulder bag. i wouldn't be suprised if in the end we'll only shoot 5 or 6 looks. but it's good to be prepared no. i mean, i would love it if i always had a selection like that on the shoot, but it's so much work for just a few pieces in the end.
today's photoshoot is all about rock glam and easiness of the iconic band blondie. we're shooting in plaza hotel with a well known french actress and i'm not gonna reveal just jet where the pictures will be published, but i can say this: my name's gonna be on the pages of some really huge magazines!! hell yea!

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