Assistant Diaries Day4

call time for yesterday's shoot was 10am. thank god! that ment i can sleep a bit longer, i had to be at the office at 9 to help with the luggage. we arrived at our location early, so coffee was a clear decision to spend that extra 20 minutes. morning at the plaza hotel was more than just beautiful, it was breath taking. every little detail screamed luxury.
after everyone has arrived and the room was ready, we jumped right into work. first setting the wardrobe wich was basically rooms closets and then steaming key looks. i have to admit that before tuesday i never steamed anything (yeah... those kinda cost money and in slovenia usually no one provides you with one) and by today i was a real pro. dior gown with tons of tulle was a big challenge... i feel like i can take over the world now, bwahahaha! after i had a few minutes to have a snack. we got the cutest breakfast ever and fresh squeezed orange juice was just the cherry on top. photoshoot was already in full swing... i helped manage the wardrobe, my job was to keep it tidy and organised and be always on stand by if something was needed. like when they called from marc jacobs they need a bag returned and since it was at the office, i had to make a little trip to go and get it.
so the looks were a mix of rock glam and easy chic which our celeb model has portrayed to perfection. i adore all these french woman who have such attitude. it's hard to describe, but maybe "femme fatale" is as close as i can get. i got a peek of a few photos and they all look amazing! we shoot about 10 looks for a few different magazines (still not telling which) in about the same time as our last shoot. it was much less crazy for me too, since i didn't have to organize delivery for any other shoot. i could really enjoy just being there and peeking at the shooting itself. it's so great to just watch. these people are all amazing at what they do and i can just hope to be in their skin someday. i wouldn't mind all the exclusive locations and delicious lunches too. although i have to say that lunch at plaza was kinda disappointing. not just for me but for most of our crew. hint: never order sushi at plaza!
today is pick up day and that's it for my week of being an assistant. feel kinda sad! i hope when the fashion world returns from their much needed vacations, i go back to being an assistant. it was an amazing week and i'm just so lucky to be given this opportunity. let's hope something great comes out of this!

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