Assistant Diaries Day2

day of the photoshoot... i was excited as hell! alarm clock went off at 6:45, i snoozed of course. after a quick coffee fix i was already on the way to the metro. came early (hate being late and hate it even more when others are late) so i had a nice breakfast in the park. still came to the office too early, but we and our 100 kilos of wardrobe were quickly on the way to our location. taxi ride was quite long so i had the rare opportunity to enjoy the city from a car... paris was beautiful in the morning light and i knew it would be a beautiful day.
too bad i spent it all inside. we were shooting in a moroccan house with arabic styled looks and tunisian model. my job was to set the wardrobe, steam the clothes and basically guard the jewelry while others were on set. that means basicaly all day. tought i would get to see more action and observe how the pro's do it. instead i had a million emails to write and even more phone calls to make. i don't know if i ever spent that much time on my phone and everyone that knows me would say that i'm "playing" with my phone all the time.
anyway... more than being an assistant stylist i was a secretary, but i don't mind, i still learned a lot today.
one thing was very suprising to me though... i'm used to being really careful with the clothes and specialy the accessories and shoes since in slovenia u have to return them in a perfect condition so they can go back to the store. here most of the pieces come from showrooms and are only used for photoshootes. lipstick stains, broken zippers, frayed shoes, torn clothes,... some things really look awful. it's kinda suprising how you can not see that on any of the photos... but i guess that's what a good stylist does, he has to hide mistakes like that and make clothes look beautiful. my boss is great at that and i really adored all the stylings she did today. it's amazing how she transformed a totally minimalistic look from celine into arabic styling with just a few scarves and a necklace. amazing! can't wait to see the photos. we also shoot a video, i got to see a bit of the shooting and it looked gorgeous! uf... i'm gonna ran out of superlatives.
the whole shoot took 10 hours for just 4 looks. that was kinda a shocker too. but everyone really took their time and the work rhythm was really chilled out, relaxed and easy. quite opposite from our usual shootings. and we got the coolest snacks ever! that almost never happens in slovenia, not at fashion shoots at least. after we were done, we still needed to plan our tomorrow's schedule. it's gonna be a busy day: returning stuff and taking care of delivery, making sure everyone will send us right pieces for the next shoot and already receiving and preparing wardrobe for it.

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