Men in Paris

ok, so about men's fashion week... i'm gonna write about the shows in the following posts, this one is just about my experience. as i've said in my last post, i was quite suprised about the amount of invitations i've recieved... i think all together there were around 20. i've only been to 4 shows so far but that was enough to get a feel about the whole thing. men's fashion week is so diferent from women's. no crazy paparazzi, no huge celebs, almost no bloggers that want to be pictured for any price, less press and less kaos. so much calmer that it almost seems like it really is just about the shows.
of course the audience is diferent to. less women, more men. and men hold the award for being the fashionable ones. really, women seem to be more on the boring and predictable side, and the men are stepping it up. the big trends seem to be undergarments, white socks with sandals, matching prints, crazy 80's pices like kitch shirts and thick chains around the neck. the more you seem from another era, the better. i even saw a few raver outfits.
this time i'm not in paris for the shows so it wasn't my priorty to run around like crazy to attend them. i kindda feel bad i got all these invitations and didn't attend. i know some people would kill to get in. i was also suprised to see so many youngsters at the shows. i mean really, they were kidz. all blogers? probably. anyway, today is the last day of men's fw, tomorrow starts the haute couture fw, that will probably be a bit more exciting, since all the celeb clients visit. i'll try to stalk rachel "bananas" zoe...

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