Bonjour from Paris

wow! so much happened since my last post. i traveled almost whole day on wednesday and arrived to my desatination at 2am on thursday. since then my three days in paris were so crazy, there was no time to update the blog. there were many suprises in these days, some bad but most of them good. i found an apartment on the first day and not only that, i now live 5 minutes from my favourite place in paris - montmartre. how crazy is that?!! still not realising this is my home now... the other big suprise was the amount of fashion invitations i got. with all the moving and partying there wasn't even time to attend all. just today i skipped the miharayasuhiro show because i was too tired (haven't really had the sleep since like almost 2 months).
i meet so many amazing people in just 3 days! too bad some of them already left the city. hope to see you soon ;) the bad suprises so far were the metro and the restaurants not being open at night. i never really went out partying in paris before so this morning when i was hungry and desperatly wanted to go home (i was cold as sh***) i couldn't do neither. metro starts driving at 5:30 and an opened fast food restaurant is non existing! something you can always find in ljubljana. maybe from now on i'll go out with a baguette in my bag.

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tomorrow: men's fashion week paris

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