Assistant Diaries Day1

not so long ago i was going through the pages of assistant diaries just couse it's so fun to read how some of the girls are struggling or whining about their long working hours etc. well, now i can officialy say it's a fucking awesome job and if i get the chance to do it more than just for two shoots i'll be the happiest person alive. for starters: it's just so great to be back in the game. i mean, partying can only last for so long... i missed the fashion, the clothes and the energy on set. therefore my excitement about tomorrow's photoshoot is of the roof!!!
i was kinda nervous about the job (but who isn't on their first day?) just because this kind of job requires lots of contacts and running around the city which i have jet to discover. but one thing made me happy for sure, it doesn't require me speaking french. what a relief.
ok, so about my first day.... it started unusually early, with coffee and tons of emails. i had everything under control and i still had lots of time to prepare for the meeting with my new boss when i got an email that she won't be able to do a pull-out at stella mccartney's showroom so i have to go there asap. i packed up my laptop and ran to the metro. selecting clothes for the photoshoot was like a dream shopping experience, i loved it. would have stayed there longer but i had to meet the boss. she's awesome btw! and yeah... it may not seem like a big deal but trusting an assistant to do a pull on their first day of work that's fucking huge! just so you know...
work in the office was pretty calm, i was receiving packages for tomorrows shoot, confirming orders and nagging people on the phone. somewhere in between all that we even had lunch with super organic salads wich was just what i needed. we had some drama with the packages (there's always drama with the packages), but found everything at the end so that was cool. i made a quick pick up for another shoot and it was packing time. it's kinda funny watching all that chanel, jil sander and celine being stuffed into suitcases.
and tomorrow... photoshoot time, yay!!

p.s. i'm exhausted!

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