Paris to Amsterdam

almost one month has passed, can't believe it... except looking for a job my days mostly consist of chilling out, visiting the beach and meeting new people. yesterday i actualy had a job interview at theyskens theory wich was the fastest interview in my life. once we established i don't speak french, i was out the door. guess they didn't read the part of my cv where it says i just started learning the language. the scene in their office reminded me of people's revolution with kelly cutrone on board. all the girls working there looked like they haven't seen the light of the day since they started their jobs there.
so, still looking! at the moment i'm not feeling as well, paris finally got to me. it might have something to do with not so healthy diet and lack of sleep. i meet some really awesome people trough couch surfing and we've been hangin out a lot. we're actually taking a trip together this weekend... final destination: amsterdam! we're leaving today and coming back on monday, so no posts till then, sorry!

have an awesome weekend everyone!

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