Philips FW day Two: Second Show

when the first model walked on the runway my jaw literally dropped! i wasn`t expecting this from m*faganel although i heard it would be a bit diferent than his usual signature style. i`m in love with all the faux fur and leather. and what a great idea with the shoes. i already see diy-ing one of my pairs... Firma by Sanja Grcić was also unexpected for me... she`s usually very colorful. i like the hats, they were a great addition to the clothes. Nicola de Main was nothing special. bygones... also Aleksandra Brlan. i liked her last collection better. this was just plain boring for me. i was only enjoying her music- raiders on the storm from the doors. Maja Ferme was a big shock. it was like she finally got laid like she was supposed to. collection was a mix of sexy domina and modern busines woman. i was just happy not to see another collection with princess dresses let`s leave it at that.



Maja Ferme

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