Philips FW day Three: First Show

it was obvious that day three would be most visited the list of designer names was quite promising. the first show didn`t impress me at all. i was quite disappointed. Tanja Zorn presented her signature design and added some origami details. she was quite dark, to plain and simple for my taste. i looooved the jewelry thoo. I expected the same overrated design from the Dra┼ż duo but was quite supprised when they showed a collection with a whole new technique of knitting. no more old patterns that we all got bored of. i liked the new design it kinda looks like if they were prints. the color pallet was also nice. Farandula is not by my taste, but i would have to say they are improving every season. it was less kitch than usual. i would actually own a few pieces. Almira Sadar was a bit weird for me. all black, gray and blue with some really strange knitted flowers on the dresses. i would never wear that. as for Niti Niti although i`m not a big fan of knittes i have to say it was a pretty nice collection. i love how she was playing with soft and hard, dark and pastel. and there were men on the runway! hooray for that!

photos: A. Nemec (pfw)

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