Philips FW day Three: Second Show

by the first beat of the music i knew that JSP show will be amazing. and it was. i love the black and mustard combo, the fringes and all the shiny details. i think this is a great example of how important the styling is when presenting a collection. the clothes itself would not made as big as an impact if not styled so strong. next was Grošelj with her praised bags... i was not impressed. is it just me or is the brown color ugly?! the only thing i liked was the bracelet thingy on one of the bags. my opinion is that fashion show is not the best way to present accessories. she should team up with an apparel designer like she did last year. that looked so much better. Garevski was nice. i like the second look, looove the bags and the eye candy aka male models. the real orgasm was the Nina Šušnjara collection. omg! this is what i call a fashion show! everything was amazing from hair to the tips of the toes. i have to say she is my favourite and i would like to own every single piece from her collection. she does remind of versace a bit but i think she can get away whit it since she realy plays with her own style: interesting cuts, great materials and tons of studs. in a word of rachel zoe: i die! Nataša Hrupič didn`t impress, i only liked the printed dress and a cut out coat. the colletion wasn`t my style, too simple and formal. Akultura did an all black collection which suprisingly i quite like. usually i don`t find anything wearable but this time i would actually wear one dress, a coat and a jacket. all asymetrical and leather of course. to close the event was much anticipated Nataša Peršuh. i expected a lot since her last show was highly recognised but this time she left me ice cold. the shirt blouses were seen for a milion times, the fur looked weird, the material of the dresses looked cheap and there was not much design in any of the clothes. the models walked in rain boots and had huge yeti gloves. kinda like the gloves, better than sticking something to their head again. there was only one piece i love and i think everyone would agree, it`s the blue coat. the color is just electric!




 Nina Šušnjara

Nataša Hrupič


Nataša Peršuh

photos: Alex (pfw)

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