Philips FW: Everything but the Clothes

the curtain has closed and the fashion madness is over but i still have a few thing on my mind that i just have to share. here is my view on everything else but the colothes.

hair and mu: judging from what i saw on the last year`s FW i have to say hair and make up where amazing. i bet it`s not easy to decide on a look that would work with all the designers presenting in one show. some shows were realy diverse. but the hair and make up fitted every collection. that`s amazing enough but they went even further and made it really creative. last year it was too simple and boring this year i cant get the mu from the first show out of my mind. pure awesomness! and also the last show with the bangs. so cool!

styling: some collections had great stylings (JSP, Nina Šušnjara, Firma, Peter Movrin,...) and some where just plain WTF?! as a stylist a lack of intention to details bothers me. only a few designers are also great at styling the collection so i have no idea why don`t tjose who lack the skills hire a stylist (hello, u can call me anytime!). i mean as a designer i would never in a million years send a model down the runway barefoot. never! let alone a whole collection, no matter what the style or concept. if u don`t have the time to think about that, once again: call a stylist. and what`s even worse is that some are so careless they just use random shoes that have nothing to do with the collection. come on, the shoes are a deal maker or braker for that matter how can you not care how your collection will be presented? that really pisses me off!
as we are already talking about the shoes there was another thing: a true cinderella syndrome occurred on the runway. quite a few models took off their shoes on the runway. what was up with that??

the models: i have to congradulate the casting crew, they did an amazing job. the selection of models was great they were all beautiful, professional and looking fierce walking down the runway. i think i only noticed one who`s walk wasn`t as good as the others. we had a pleasure of watching Anela but as much as i was excited to see her, that much she left me cold. Prisha in the other hand was smoking hot! giiiirl, she owned the runway and a few times she gave me goosebumps. at one time i even heard one of the photographers sigh "ooooh waaaaw!" she sold me every piece she was wearing, no matter what the designer. and i think that`s what every model is supposed to do. i think she`s gonna go a looong way, can`t wait to see her next season in paris.

organisation: from my experience with zagreb and paris FW i can easily say the organisation was amazing. this time we had a huge press area not only with bigger area for photographers but setting area as well. i had a seat assigned for every show. that made me really happy. everything was at all times running smoothly and the crew was really helpful. at the entrance we were handed welcome drinks and at the end of each show a coctail. water was free at all times. there was a press room set up for journalists and the pr report was on my mail just minutes after the show. also a big respect for recognising bloggers as a part of the media. that really shows that our status is improving in slovenia.

the people: hmmmm... what to say... i think most of them still don`t completely understand the meaning of a fashion show. the fact that i was checking the first row and nobody there was taking notes tells a lot. aren`t fashion shows ment to be presentations for buyers and clients? i know there has to be a certain number of celebs but people who are nether? that kinda misses the whole point. and you can spot those people from a mile away just by the way they dress. if they are careless enough to come to a fashion show in turtle necks and jeans i think that also shows their interest in fashion in general. do everyone a favour and next time just stay home and watch the live stream. leave the seat to somebody who actualy cares about fashion. i wish everyone could experience paris fashion week just once so u could understand what i`m talking about....

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