Progress is Impossible Without Change

i know i know... i'm a bad blogger. i spend way too much time cuddling, holding hands and laughing at his jokes to think about my next blog post. it's summer anyway. i'm allowed to get off the grid for a while, get lost in time and our adventures.

if you follow this blog regularly then you probably noticed that slipping off the grid isn't the only thing that's been happening here. i've been feeling for a while now that the stylist isn't what i relate to anymore and if you glance at the archives you'll realize there hasn't been much talk about style lately.

i'm thinking maybe it's time to make some changes. not quite sure what those will be yet but as many times before i feel summer is the perfect time to figure that out.

again i find myself at that point in ones life when you feel something big is going to happen, when you become restless and filled with anticipation. in order to come ahead something has to change dramatically and in process of that happening i really don't feel the need to browse through my old passions and memories.

therefore i might take some time to move things forward, to reconnect with the blog or even start a brand new one. what ever happens, i promise to stay true to myself, like i always did. so if you laughed at my jokes, got inspired by the topics and got my sarcastic bitchiness than stay tuned!

have a fantastic summer, kids!!

photo: ellin andereeg

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