How to Host a Charming BBQ

hey guys, how's everyone doing? i'm back from my mini eurotrip which was an absolute blast, back home to rain and lots of lazy evenings watching movies and stuffing my face with popcorn.

as so many times before - more times that i would like to admit - i find myself totally uninspired by fashion. i've skipped the couture shows, am totally unimpressed with street style and feel that all my fashion related news feed is kind of blah. i've realized this blog is less and less about style and increasingly about everything else. i think it's only natural that my (or anyone else's) interests change and so do my inspirations and aspirations. hope i still make it interesting for you...

so whats on my agenda, you ask... lately i've been wrapping my head around hosting a bday bbq and how to create the venue and catering my friends would talk long after the first snowflake fall. as usual with such topics, pinterest was a huge help.

if you're planning an afternoon hangout with some chilled drinks and snacks from the grill than here's what you need to host a charming bbq with your besties?

decorating the venue:
- decorating lights and candles
- diy paper straps and flags
- haystacks
- lots of gingham fabric
- flowers from the meadow
- jars, paper bags and metal containers

on the menu:
- mini hamburgers
- veggies in the glass
- popcorn
- watermelons on a stick
- mini hotdogs
- sweet potatoe fries
- chicken wings
- fruit coms
- tomato and mozzarella appetizers
- marshmallows

for the thirsty:
- beer
- aperol spritz
- lemonade
- sangria
- hugo

- invitations
- great summer beats
- a pool
- photo booth
- cotton candy station

photo: pinterest

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