When Life Kicks You in the Balls

waw... this week has been a roller coaster. i was desperately trying to find something to write on the blog but just couldn't. there was too much going on and on top of that i had a massive headache. i don't need to guess what caused it, too much stress is never a good thing. today i finally set things free and feel much better...

stress bomb #1: at my internship i got the most important assignment of them all - to write a piece for elle magazine. i had zero contacts and 10 days to put it together. somehow with the help of my amazing detective skills i found the right people and got their statements. and then i got totally stuck with writing it down. i can't help but question my writing: is it good enough? is it funny enough? is it smart enough? those and hundred more questions. day before my deadline the article is almost done and i know when i click that send button i'm gonna feel like i'm sending my newborn into the world. accomplished!

stress bomb #2: the most amazing opportunity occurred at the most inconvenient time. i had to make a choice that i really didn't want to make. it was one of those "what do you want more: a great love life or an amazing career?" how do you choose? well, after putting down all the pros and cons, i made my choice and i really hope i won't regret it later in life.

stress bomb #3: the love of my life is traveling across the globe to spend this summer with me. we haven't seen each other for almost 8 months. yes, 8 months. so this is a huge thing. however it didn't go as smoothly as one would wish. i thought post offices are pretty reliable up until they lost a very important letter, that was necessary for his visa approval. i must say i was quite scared this could result very badly, i can't even imagine after making so many plans for summer, being left alone due to illiterate post office employees. thankfully dutch people are awesome, they approved his visa just yesterday and we'll be in each others arms in less than 2 week. i'm over the moon!!

the lesson: as mr. murphy would say: "if more things can go wrong, they will," so in cases like this it's very important to set your priorities, listen to what your gut is telling you and when all is under the rug have a glass of bubbly. or a beer. what ever makes you feel like a winner.

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