7 Rules to Keeping Your Cool When it's Unbearably Hot

as i'm writing this i'm wearing nothing more than a sports bra and extremely short cotton shorts, cooling myself down with a bowl of ice cream. it's 31 degrees outside and probably not much less in my room. this is not the time to experiment with ones wardrobe. it's the time to strip and let the sweat drip down your bare skin.

so what does one wear when it's unbearably hot outside yet there's shit to be done? here are my 7 rules to keeping your cool during the heat wave:

1. less is less. do i hear a hallelujah?!
2. short, shorter, the shortest
3. light fabrics
4. natural fabrics (like cotton) that don't make u sweat
5. not too tight, let the breeze dance around your skin
6. open toes
7. make shade with big sunnies and even bigger hats

and for the image demonstration...

what's your coolest summer outfit?

photo: lookbook, pinterest

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