The Shoe Dilemma

i'm having a real shoe dilemma. usually my summer footwear collection consists of nothing more than converse sneakers and most basic flip flops you can find. yeah, those with the bamboo sole. last summer i had to toss them away, there's no open toes on the ship! so now i'm in a pickle...

what does one wear on their feet when the temperatures sky rocket? i'm so over flip flops, i need to grow up a little bit and get a proper footwear - sandals. or is there something else out there? i'm quite aware of the birkenstock frenzy, but honestly they're a bit too fugly for my taste. no offence!

i need some elegance in my life (sarcasm on: because those flip flops sure left a hole in my life - sarcasm off.) and it's hard to find some that isn't attached to high heels. i don't mind running around on a few inches but let's be honest, high heels aren't really a synonymy for a careless summer.

what else? oh... balerina flats. no. nooo. nooooo. never. those days are over!

wedges maybe? more comfortable than heels and still open enough to take a breath.

kitten heels - no way, maybe for kids, definitely not for grown ups or the ones desperately trying to be.

i love the mule shoes, so pretty, but how talented of a walker do you actually have to be to walk in those? and not stumble around like a drunk cow. i'm just asking based on my own experiences.

any other suggestions? enlighten my shoe vocabulary!

photo: all shoes from asos

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