Normcore: Playing it Safe?

you know what? in spite fashion being so out there, so colorful and unique, so innovative and ground braking, glamorous and extravagant, i find an indescribable beauty in simplicity. no matter how much i desire the crazy trends and the pastel colors, the holographic effects and metallic shines i always choose the simple everyday pieces that i wear over and over again until they get completely worn out.

of course i have my share of those great pieces that you only treat yourself with for special occasions but in my everyday i keep going back to jeans, t-shirts, hoodies and blazers. boring? not at all! when you accept your style for what it is, even a pair of ripped jeans can make you happy. and at the end we all know it's about the attitude anyway, right?

that's why i get inspired over and over again watching and secretly admiring the ladies who can wear a simple white t-shirt like it's a $10,000 dress.

have you guys heard of glamcore? no, i'm not talking about porn although it could be considered as some kind of fashion porn. as much as i appreciate high fashion looks accessorized to the max, i'm all about it's opposite contestant the normcore. keeping it real or playing it safe if you will. i pick freja beha over anna dello russo any day, any time.

photo: lookbook

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