I'm Not Lazy, I Just Have Other Shit to Do

hi guys, how is everyone doing? i've been absent for the past week due to my internship assignments and lack of inspiration. i was checking the blog every single day in hopes that something will trigger an interesting topic in my mind but it just didn't happen. so now i think it's finally time to brake the vicious cycle and update you on how shit is going.

the internship
it's really awesome. i get to write about interesting topics for cosmopolitan, elle and sensa websites and on top of that we had a photoshoot this past friday. you can guess what my part was, i worked my styling magic. it has been quite a while since my last commercial shoot but i felt right into it and i'm really pleased with the result. made me kind of miss my styling days but hey, i don't mind my editor title, not by far. for all of my slovenian readers, you can follow my internship experience on cosmopolitan's blog.

redecoration project
oh gosh... when you think you have everything together, you get a big big revelation which puts your plan upside down. so what happened? well... i discovered that my brothers room is much bigger + it has a balcony. why is that relevant? my brother doesn't live in this house anymore so the room is occupied like 10 nights per year. doooh... stupid! so now i ditched my original plan and started to redecorate my brothers room. i hope to make it my own by the end of the week.

the blog
how do you like the new design? it was time to change it since i found yet another blog with the same template as my old blog. i stopped counting at five and that was quite awhile ago. then there was the dilemma of what template to chose. i suck at decisions like this, it's same with shopping. i need to check it out 5 times, flirt a little bit, try it on, ask others for opinion and then maybe, just maybe i make a decision. i wanted a magazine looking template but you get what u pay for, so you're stuck with it for a while, haha suckers!

other projects
i've been working on a special project for a while now and i don't want to reveal it just yet, although some of you may already know what it's about, but let just say it's gonna be a big acquisition for the local fashion designers as well as consumers. and since i want to do it right it's taking a bit longer than i presumed it would. and who knows, if the project is successful we might even go global.

personal life
i haven't talked about my personal life much lately, honestly there wasn't much to talk about. when things are going great, there's no need to bitch about it, right? i started planing my summer quite early and it gives me goosebumps just thinking about it. why? the love of my life is finally coming to see me... after 6 months of being apart i feel like telling everyone from my grocery store saleswoman to my dog about how i feel. i want to hug everyone and have tequila shots despite my stomach not being friends with mrs tequila. since we had our one year anniversary just a few days ago i think it's appropriate i publicly declare my love for the biggest barcelona fan out there - i love you babe!

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