I Need Me a Miracle, A Swimsuit Fairy if You Will

i just moved my whole life from one room to another so i feel like my back will brake in half but despite that i forced my self to write this post since i've been postponing it for weeks now. i think it has something to do with the topic itself. just like every season i'm desperately trying to avoid wearing bikini, i'm now avoiding writing about it.

swimwear is the one item i hate shopping for. i mean c'mon, my bikini is mathew williamson for h&m and that was what... 5 years ago? and it doesn't even fit me right, so you see my troubles. it's impossible for me to find a bikini i like, simply because i imagine myself and my wobbly body in it. i love the beach, i love to flirt with the sun and enjoy my pina colada but to show my beer belly, a a, no go! such a frustration!

obviously there's a solution there but i'm just to damn lazy. so until my man comes and kicks me in the bum, i'm just gonna ignore all the swimwear adds and postpone my purchase till the last possible moment - when those williamson's finally stretch to the extend that they won't hold my little titties anymore.

if a miracle happens and all this pizza melts into a six pack, i want me some of these...

that's the best i could find... i know, right!? any other miracle working swim brands out there i don't know about?

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