Time to Spring Clean... Your Closet

every now and then i take the time and organize my closet. usually it's when seasons change or when i'm in need to organize my life. last time i did it was about a month ago when i got this new job and felt the need to make my closet more work-wear friendly.

there's a huge feel of calm and rebirth with getting out with the old and making room for new. it's same in life as it is in your wardrobe. to effectively organize your clothes, shoes and accessories i find these tips very useful. might also apply to other areas of your life...

prepare your ambient 
first put some nice music on, i personally get into the cleaning much easier when listening to some groovy house music. make yourself a lemonade. open the window and sing while you're organizing your closet. that way you'll make it a slumber party rather than a boring old chore.

keep, toss, give away
start with organizing all your clothes in 3 piles: keep, toss and give away. keep all the pieces you love and wear all the time, toss the damaged and washed out pieces (even if you love them. it's gonna be a hard brake up but you'll get over it), everything that doesn't fit or that you haven't worn like ever. yes, even if your clothes still have price tags on them and you haven't worn them a century after they were both, give them away. if you haven't worn them till now, you never will, trust me. also give away any other pieces that for various reasons you don't wear.

only the necessary 
remember "less is more". it's better to keep less items in your closet and those are all the pieces you love to wear, than to have an overcrowded closet full of pieces that just make you unhappy. that's the main reason for i-have-nothing-to-wear syndrome. because when you open the closet and stare at all the wrong pieces you feel like you don't want to wear any of them. it's completely natural to grow over a piece or simply get bored with it. take it out of the closet, make a "save for later" pile if necessary and revisit it in a few months. if you missed the piece than put it back but if the earth didn't fell of its coordinates than give it away.

diy the toss pile
the clothes that are left are your wardrobe. congratulations! hope you love every single piece on that pile and treat it with all the love it deserves. now go through your toss pile and try to think creatively. maybe there's a piece that you could diy and give it a whole new meaning. i had this pair of jeans that were just too big, at least the leg was, so i cut them, distorted them and made them into ripped shorts. a bit of bleach and i had a brand new piece that i now wear all summer long. there's literally thousands of diy blogs out there so check for some inspiration and get those scissors going.

organize to your needs
back to organizing your wardrobe. first get rid of fall/winter, it's 24 degrees outside for gods sake! at least in slovenia. put them in a vacuum bag or a box and store them in your storage space. make sure to mark the boxes: "so long mf winter!" there are many different ways to organize clothes, chose the one that fits your needs best. you can color coordinate (that's what i did), put same items together - shirts together, skirts together, u know the drill, style them together - put pieces that u usually wear together next to each other, that way you just grab them all together without stressing in the morning about what to wear. you can also put same style clothes together - romantic dresses together, minimalist together and colorful brights together. in my experience color and item coordinating work best. at least if you want to keep your closet looking fresh, stylish and well... organised.

hanging & folding
it depends on what kind of closet you have, what kind of space you are working with, but i assume you have at least one pole for hangers and some shelves. i don't like my hangers crowded. you have to keep them neat so you have an easier review of what is hanging in your closet. fold your t-shirts and pants. i also separate shirts and hoodies that i more or less wear at home from the "better" tees i wear for work. all the tops that aren't t-shirts can also be hanged.

so fresh so clean
again keeping everything neatly folded and ironed (like i ever ironed anything in my life) will give you a better review of what you're working with and will save you precious time when in a hurry. one item per hanger. jackets and coats need the wider and stronger hangers to keep shape. knitts are sometimes preferred to be folded as they can stretch on a hanger.

shoes / jewelry / accessories
apply all of the above for shoes and accessories. toss everything you don't wear, clean your shoes, store the winter boots and diy that piece of jewelry you love but doesn't really go with anything. i keep my shoes in my bedroom, right next to the closet, that way i always see what i`m working with. shoes are actually a beautiful decoration for any room. ok, maybe not your bathroom.

for organizing jewelry i use the tree shaped thingy, but there are many other ways to store it. u can use a box, a clipboard, a hand holder for your rings, there's million possibilities. i keep my belts in a little box, but i don't have many. you can also hang them, that will keep them alive longer.

style it up
now is also the perfect time to try and make some new outfit combinations. pick an item you haven't worn in a while and try to pair it with as many pieces as possible. that way next time when you're out of ideas of what to wear, you'll have a trick up your sleeve.

make a shopping list
now that you got rid of some pieces and are left with what you really wear, you might discover you're missing some essentials. don't wear that dress because you don't have the right belt to go with it or have nothing to pair with your fabulous $300 shoes? make a list of items you could use to properly style your wardrobe and remember the right accessories go a long way. i don't have to tell you a simple lbd can be transformed into a glam gem with the right jewelry and some high heels. with adding just a few small details to your closet you can get the effect of completely transforming and renewing your wardrobe.

you have any tips yourself? how do you organize your closet? also if you have any questions about turning your closet into every girl's dream wardrobe, ask away!

photos: pinterest, cocorosa, victoria tornegren

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