Merge with the Crowd or Stand Out with Your Style

i've been working on a personal project for the last couple of weeks which got me questioning what the fashionable consumers prefer: a mass production of an instant trend for a low price aka zara principle or a limited edition item that's unique and looks back to style rather than trends?

it's kind of a double blade. i see it everyday how girls copy style and even more often desire the exact piece of clothing/footwear/accessory that just went viral. i guess that's why zara is doing so well. girls don't want to be any different than their role model/bff, they don't want to stand out. they want to look fashionable, but not stand out.

girls that invest in unique and possibly not so trendy designs are in minority. and i should know, i'm definitely not one of them. i always had this way of thinking that designer pieces are too expensive and reserved for the grown-up girls with jobs at publishing companies and law firms, but recently i changed my view.

what if i could tell you you can afford designer pieces, unique designs and amazing style for the prices of zara? would you than consider standing out with your own taste, with your own style?

just to be clear i'm not talking about the global designer labels but young designers that poses even more creativity and spark, the designers that create amazing designs for no more than what you would pay for your "made in bangladesh" dress.

when i made this discovery i felt really inspired to support the young designers. sure i work with them all the time but i never really asked about the price tag, thinking i can't afford it with my drained out bank account anyway. now i know finding these gems of design isn't the easiest thing in the world but what if there was a place where you could easily browse through the selection of unique designs just like you shop on asos? would you still consider getting that dress that every girl has or would you go for something more inspiring?

just to make a comparison, here's a zara dress from their spring collection priced at $79,90 which makes it about 58€ and than a unique design from a young slovenian designer nenad, similar in style but for my taste a lot more special than zara, priced at 55€. so there u go... what's your choice?

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