Sorry Fashion, It's Not You, It's Me!

i guess by now we all know the difference between style and fashion, if not, i think this quote by lauren hutton sums it up pretty well: "fashion is what you're offered four times a year by designers. and style is what you choose."

fashion is everything we see on the runway and on the pages of glossy magazines, and style is a personal voice in all that noise. it's what you make out of all that and adjust it to your taste. to your individual self.

i love fashion, there's no doubt about that. i love going through new collections and getting inspired by genius design. but more so, i love style. i love how these pieces come to life in real world. how you can completely transform them. i guess that's why i love styling so much. telling a story that is your own, that's unique.

i have to admit i get carried away sometimes. i fill my shopping cart with pieces that are considered fashion, that are trends. they hang in my shopping cart for a while, and i go back to visit them every now and then. and you know what happens? somehow i always edit down to the pieces that most resemble my style.

i get rid of all those fashion items, that i fell head over heels in love with when i first saw them and then after a while, when i really reconsidered their use and how good our relationship would really be, i give up. i delete. it's not them, it's me! i swear! it's just not the right fit. it wouldn't work out.

so i kind of realized, it's ok to love fashion, it's ok to flirt with trends once in a while... but staying faithful to your style, that's a lifelong relationship that will always brings you happiness and joy.

photo: jaroslaw ros

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