Honey, You're so Monochrome!

something strange has happened. i had quite a few customers lately looking for a specific color of shoes or clothing and i always ask what are they pairing it with and i get the answer: "well, i have a red dress, so i'm looking for red pumps." my natural reaction is a grimace on my face, that gives away my disapproval but i don't even bother explaining how dressing in one color is soooo dated. but is it really?

matching your shoes with your outfit or matching everything all together was such a thing in the 90's and even in 00's, it was almost a crime not to match your shoes with your bag. oh-my-god the looks you would get for not mastering the matching technique.

after that came the mixing era. the more you mixed, the better, just not with drinks, only apply mixing with clothes. mixing colors, styles and even patterns has became the new thing and you had to be quite a master not to look like ronald mcdonald. we almost became a little saturated with all the polka dots and plaid combinations, so naturally a cleaner look follows.

again we're back to one color dressing. monochrome. we all appreciate the power of an all black outfit and white has made a huge impact on this season. but what about the actual colors? pastels can look really classy, feminine and simply adorable while stronger colors need a styling mastermind not to make it looking too costumy. at least in my opinion.

so maybe my grimace isn't so entitled. your thoughts?

photos: maffashion, lookbook, pinterest, stockholm streetsyle

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