this post could as well be named 3 ways to wear a blazer. it has somehow became the main character in my selfie series. i though it would be fun to post a few not so obvious photos from my workplace and update you with what's been going on.

obviously the new job takes most of my time now and after working two all-day shifts i'm finally starting to appreciate the true meaning of a weekend. work has been fun though, i really enjoy playing with clothes and making our clients happy. we got the new spring summer collection yesterday and i have to say it's hard to control the urges with so many amazing pieces.

i have fallen head-over-heels in love with all the pastel pieces we've got, some really great shinny sweaters and the most beautiful shirt i've ever seen! i need to take some pictures, i know! but fist my job is to make the store look freaking awesome. i need to visual merchandise the heel out of that place. i was always interested in the topic but now i finally got the chance to learn about it and to play with it a little bit.

these selfies were taking prior to the new collection... need to make some after shots!

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