Forever21 SS14 Lookbook

i never paid much attention to forever21 until i found myself in front their store in a shopping mall in portland. i was overwhelmed! i couldn't believe the selection and i wanted 90% of the stuff. and what was an even bigger surprise were their prices. oh gosh! if i could take home more than 2 suitcases than i would probably spent way too much money for clothes. instead i only bought a few pieces that are now basically glued to my ass.

the thing i like about forever21 is how the clothes are both simple and very on-trend. i found the craziest pieces ever as well as some really great basics. when i checked out their store in paris two months ago i was so disappointed. i almost regret going inside at all. the selection was nothing close to what it was in us. guess there's one reason to go back...

the ss14 lookbooks at forever21 looks fresh and clean. it looks like white is really taking over this season and i don't mind at all. it's all about simple lines and no unnecessary crap that so often overwhelms the clothes. same goes for the 90s inspired looks. simple design with lots of blooming patterns and cropped shapes are just what we need for summer.

which look do you like better?

photos: forever21

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