The Blanket Trend

there's been so much fuss around the blanket trend ever since cara closed burberry wearing one over her shoulder. i have to admit i absolutely love the idea, but it's nothing new. i've seen blankets work numerous times and no one dared to mention it until now. wonder why...

a few winters ago i bought a piece of fabric that resembled more of a blanket than a scarf and wrapped myself in it on the really chilly occasions. i still have the gray edition, the black unfortunately sailed away with my ship. it was a matter of keeping warm and usual scarfs just not doing the job. i needed something massive! i needed a blanket!

and there it is... finally something that's actually of use. thanks to cara and burberry blankets are now a trend despite looking like your bed is on a side of a street and you just woke up to get some snacks from the dumpster.

as i've said blanket trend is not a new concept. last winter it was one of the more obvious trends although i think no one saw it as a trend, it was just a way to keep everyone warm. i'm thinking of fw13 fashion weeks when the freezing streets of milan and paris were covered in kenzo and vuitton blankets.

ok, wearing blankets as blankets may not be such a revolutionary thing but i was sure i saw blankets even further back, being worn as actual clothes. and i was right. i remembered man repeller wearing this wonderful plaid blanket as a skirt, back in 2010. and 4 years later so did allaroundeve.

i wonder if i could get away with wearing a duvet...

 cara at burberry fw14

roberto cavalli fw14

boris bidjen fw14

ktz fw14

 temperly london fw14

 men repeller 2010

photos: pinterest,,, hiphunters, boris bidjen, purple, man repeller

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