Love What you Do

paris fashion week kicks off today and this has to be the first time i don't feel bad about not attending. i was thinking about it a few weeks ago but as it turns out not booking that ticket was the right choice. it's finally official, i got a job!

for the first time in my life i'll actually have a real job. u know like grownups do, with benefits and all that shit. kinda amazing in this economy, i was already  preparing myself to head back to the ship. i guess i was lucky, can't find any other reason.

the fact that this is something that's in my profession just makes me that much more excited! because lord knows, i did some crappy jobs. i guess now i can finally stop nagging about my artist's struggles...

back to fashion week, i realized it started to bore me. checking runway images on was my before-i-go-to-sleep routine that worked better than warm milk and cookies. hopefully paris will strike with some innovation and desire.

let me conclude the post with this thought...

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