How I Meet Karl Lagerfeld

i don`t think i ever told you the story of how i meet sir karl lagerfeld.
it was my first week living in paris. since i didn`t know anyone in the city i decided to meet up with some girls from couch surfing for a nice picnic in jardins de tuileries. it was a hot summer day, a perfect one for making new friendships and chatting in company with delicious french wine. i don`t think we even realized when day switched into night and it was time to find a more suitable surrounding. so the international girl group hopped on the other side of the river bank to find a bar. i was walking in front of the group, chatting with this delightful girl when suddenly i see a familiar silhouette right in fron of me. i stop thinking i`m hallucinating from all the wine when my friend starts screaming like she encountered backstreet boys back in the days when they were still around. i was just stunt. karl lagerfeld just happened to exit the hotels restaurant in the exact second when we walked by. coincidence? phhh... no such thing!
the girls behind us didn`t realize what was going on, so my friend quickly updated them while i had a telepathic conversation with karl. his minions quickly resolved the situation saying that the great designer was tired, wink wink. so they went their way and we went right behind them. after they turned right at the end of the street we really quickly brainstormed in how to proceed with this. fortunately my voice was heard and we didn`t stalk karl to wherever he was going... i guess by now he`s used to this kind of situations, somehow he felt very appreciative about respecting his privacy, turned back to us and send us a kiss. we had to let him go...

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