Hero of The Day: Daria Werbowy

i`m in a mood for some daria today. missed her! she doesn`t have anything to do with today`s post but i guess you`ll just have to live with it. so what is the point of today`s post? well... i actually don`t have a clue. no point what so ever. i`m still improvising at this stage.
if i was feeling depressed on sunday, than today i`m just feeling confused. i`m on a fucking roller coaster and having that weird mixture of feelings when you`re kinda sick and excited at the same time. makes sense? well, i don`t want to go into details, couse let`s be frank, no one cares, i`ll just say this: don`t let anyone change who you are no matter what! it`s not worth it. unless you`re a serial killer. than you might consider some therapy.
as for me i need to focus on things that make me happy and guess what, it couldn`t have been a better time to get my shit together and jump right back in the business with men`s fashion week in paris next week. it`s just what i need. i let fashion slip out of my life and it`s time to get it back, grab it to its balls and resurrect like a fucking falcon.
so i guess the point of this post is non other than letting you guys know i`m getting back out there and slowly coming back to my true self. ship life shore messes u up!
well look at that... daria has something to do with all this after all. she`s a falcon too!

photo: harper`s bazaar

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