How to Wear Winter Hats

i`m not a big hat person, somehow everything i put on my tiny egg-shaped head looks silly. i do however love them on others, that`s why i had to look into how real fashionistas wear winter hats. they seem to be a big trend this season and if not for that reason u can wear a big hat instead of an umbrella when those snowflakes finally come to visit. i did try a nice black hat out of curiosity just yesterday but one glimpse into the mirror and it went straight back to the shop`s shelve. i had to convince myself one more time that i can not pull it off.
there are more types of hats out there than ice cream flavors, so i took under my microscope the one that seems to be most popular - the fedora hat. it can also vary in shape and size but one thing is for certain, it`s most bad ass of them all. michael jackson wore it, johnny deep is wearing it and now so are you. here`s my selection of different outfits that will hopefully inspire you with how to wear a winter hat...

photos: lookbook, ootdmagazine

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