All I Want for Christmas is You

i know, i`m a real christmas cliche, a personification of one of the neediest songs ever written. i thought i would be the happiest person spending my holidays at home with my family, drinking mulled wine and pretending i know the lyrics to all the christmas carols. eeeeeee, wrong! it`s not that i decided to ban all the christmas crap this year, it just kinda happened. i didnt do any of the traditional drinking expeditions through our sperm decorated city, i successfully avoided mariah, my gift shopping was shrunk to a minimum and i didn`t see a real live christmas tree until yesterday when it grew in the middle of our living room. why such a grinch u ask? well... if u haven`t noticed these holidays are kinda made for couples. snuggling in front of the fireplace, decorating a christmas tree, baking cookies, drinking hot chocolate, watching lame christmas movies - none of these things are fun if the only person u want to do these things with is all the way across the atlantic. the more i think about these things, the more i miss him, so i guess it`s just easier to ignore all the merry jolly shit. we`ll have other holidays together... in the meantime "bring `em them cookies!"

photo: žiga mihelčič

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