Behind the Scene: The Comeback

such a strange feeling standing in a studio again. this time without a nikon d200, a bow tie and a line of guests, back in the role that i know and love best - as a stylist. it had to be a proper comeback, with no other than my awesome teammates ana & sandra. this time we did our shoot a little bit different, actually we complicated things as much we could, just so it wouldn`t be too easy for anyone... not that we ever took the easy way out.
focus was on make up, with graphic jewelry as a companion. this time sandra was the hard worker - changing make up for every look, doing manicures, painting hands in gold and gluing glitter, while the rest of us drank champagne and abused our iphones. it was a long shoot with a few surprises, like the little bday cake for our bday girl and a leaking pool, with lots of gossip and shared laughs. just like the past 9 months passed in week or two.

photos: luka brataševec & ana gregorič

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