Uniform aka Fashion Nightmare

right before my first assistant production manager left the ship he said to me "do you remember what u said on your first day on the ship?" of course i had no clue, i was so overwhelmed that day that i barely remember anything. "we were in the lab looking for any pieces of the uniform that were left by previous photographers and you said you are a fashion stylist and there`s no way you would wear that." sounds totally like me. after that i know i told my team mates i would make it my mission to change the uniforms. yeah... maybe i was just a little too hasty about that.
all photographers hated our uniforms. we were always looking towards the shop department which was dressed in stylish black. no outdated vests and flight attendant scarfs. we had four different uniforms, one for shooting outside, daytime uniform, an evening uniform and one for formal nights. it was not uncommon that at least a few pieces were not your size so you had to improvise. anything to look the part. the rules of ones appearance were pretty strict (no hair down, clean uniform, black dress shoes, no nail polish) but were changing with the management of the ship. at the end of my contract i got of the grid a little bit and started styling it my way, u know, the classic rolled up sleeves, red nail polish, loose hair and jacket instead of a vest. yep... ship fashion extraordinaire aka nightmare for anyone who works in fashion.
and that`s just about our uniforms, don`t even get me started on the costumes we had to wear...

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