Slovenian Designs Flashed by the Paparazzi

you know you made it in the fashion world when an A list celebrity wears your designs. if that celebrity is lady gaga than you can be sure your career is gonna sky rocket to the moon. we all knew he had it in him, it was only a matter of time and that time came about a week ago when media started publishing paparazzi shoots of the fashionably extravagant singer in his designs. peter movrin is deffinitley avant-garde when it comes to slovenian fashion scene but in a bigger specter his designs are just unusual enough to be worn by someone who likes to push the boundaries. i hope this is just the beginning of a long and successful collaboration as i would love to see more of movrin`s designs flashed my the paparazzi.

 these designs just scream pa pa pa paparazzi...

photos: peter movrin, elle, te dore

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