Stylish Traveler: Copenhagen

i have to admit i was never a big fan of scandinavian countries. in my imaginary list of places i want to visit they were always somewhere at the very bottom. that`s why i wasn`t too excited that our ship was moving from sunny caribbean to the cold baltic for the whole season.

our first port was copenhagen and let me just say it became my favorite port. i was so blown away by the shopping experience and the overall vibe of the city. ΓΈstergade street was always my main destination... enormous h&m, topshop, aldo, cos, all the high end brands like burberry, gucci and ysl and most importantly all the scandinavian brands that i only saw on the most stylish blogs like stockholm streetstyle and victoria tornegren. i still remember the first time i walked into gina tricot and h&m`s sister brand &other stories. i built a special relationship with gina tricot, i visited her in every port i could find the store: copenhagen, stockholm, helsinki. actually most of the clothes and especially shoes i bought during the contract was from gina. the best part was, we were in baltic just in time for summer sales. oh lord mary jesus! i couldn`t get this studded jacket out of my mind. since we were in copenhagen every 12 days and i didn`t always have time to go out, i was sure it`s long gone. but after 6 weeks it was still there, waiting for me. i think i payed around 30€ for it at the end which was one of the best sales snaps ever. that is if i don`t count two pairs of shoes (high heeled ankle booties and a pair of classic black stilettos) for about 10€. girls at the ship couldn`t believe it.

the other thing i loved about copenhagen was street style. man, these people can dress! i know it`s not breaking news that scandinavians have great style but not just that, people are really beautiful. i could spot at least 5 potential models just by strolling down the street. and not just girls, boys too. especially boys. they`re so much more daring when it comes to fashion choices than the guys i know. they wear jewelry, colorful combinations and very clean lines. girl`s look is very simple but effective. the clothes they wear look expensive and put together with an ease. it`s like they have this gene for impeccable style. i mean how could they not with all the amazing shopping choices. major fashion envy!

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