Secrets From a Stylist: The Fit

one of most important factors when dressing up is the fit of the clothes. if it isn't right the clothes simply won't look good. stylists use many little tricks to manipulate with the fit and make clothes appear the right size or shape. with that in mind we have to understand that many times clothes in the magazines won't look the same in real life. on the good side, we can also use some of those tricks in every day life.
every stylist has his own tool kit. it's essential to have that on every photoshoot, not only it saves the looks, it literally saves lives. my toolkit consists of scissors, pins, 4 different kinds of duct tape, sowing kit, clamps, rubbers and a stapler. now i'm not saying you should staple your clothes together but for sure you can find some of these tools useful.
one of the easiest ways to adjust the fit of a dress, especially when it's too big, is by simply using your accessories - the belt. i've used this trick countless times. the second most useful tool in my toolkit are the clamps. i use the ones for hanging laundry, some use office or industry clips. they're not most useful in everyday situations since they're pretty visible, instead you can use pins. make sure to pin the clothes from the inside. another great magic trick is using rubberbands to hold your rolled up sleeves. you can use this one without revealing you're actually cheating. use a rubber that is similar to color of your jacket/sweater/shirt adjust it tight on your arm and make sure you cover it by wrinkling the sleeve over it. simple as that! sometimes when the skirt or a dress was a bit too long i solved the problem with bilateral tape. when you're in a hurry and need an adjustment it can be damn useful. now it may not work on all materials, some synthetics wrinkle and make the tape visible, so make sure it works for your outfit. i also taped some cleavages, straps, boobs and accessories, i made entire outfits stapled or taped together - anything to make the clothes look good!
if you have any questions how to camouflage any errors just fire away.

using a clamp to fit the jacket

entire top pined and taped together with bilateral tape

when a belt saves the day

using rubberbands to hold up sleeves

pining jeans together

photos: ana gregorič

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