Introducing: Royal Blush

accessories brand royal blush was one of my discoveries while visiting memy trade fair in paris. i instantly fell in love with interweaving and all the beautiful knots. i probably don't have to point out that my favorite pieces are the chest belts. so editorial! the collection is so delicate yet powerful. it's earthly with it's forms and colors but also a bit spacey. a blend between nature and imagination...
the thing that makes these pieces special is the balance between design, luxury and sustainability. it's amazing how eco mindset and design go well together. all the products are made from vegetable tanned leather which gets prettier with age and that's a true essence of a timeless piece.
the designer jana keller is an amazing story by itself. she studied oil painting at collage of marin in california, joined the famous team of funky door yoga center, returned to europe and joined esmod berlin, got a beijing hempel award for her work, she co-founded GREENshowroom - a fair for sustainable luxury and on top of all that she was elected one of the top 30 green woman by the si grĂ¼n magazine. all i have to add is that she was one of the kindest, most modest and pleasant people i meet at the fair which only made me even more interested in her story.
royal blush accessories are available in stores all over europe and online.

 photos: ellin anderegg

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