My Interview with Kate Moss

the office didn't look like your regular fashion office. you know, the kind that you see on tv. no, it was way more glamorous. huge. it was almost like a room in versaille. i walk in with my editor. anna wintour was sitting on a beautiful baroques sofa in a luxurious fur coat. it was warm so i could only imagine it was to show off. on her left was sitting kate. naturally beautiful as i imagined her. a bit overwhelmed by the situation the editor pulls me aside and whispers: "we need your help. we need you to interview kate." i'm stunned: "now?" it's an honor but for an unprepared journalist it can be a nightmare. i glimpse at anna and kate, they are chatting and carefully eavesdropping to what me and the editor are talking. "yes, now. she's here now" she said. i take a moment and it instantly strucks me... i'll just talk to her, you know, like she's my friend and i've known her for ages. totally casual. no biggie. i take the voice recorder and as soon as we start talking the questions just start popping up. questions that only a friend would ask. so we chatted like two gal pals. we didn't even had the chance to finish our tea when anna was already back. she doesn't say anything but her expression looks pleased. kate leaves smiling and the editor turns to me: you nailed it!" i woke up as soon as she said those words.

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